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Past Geodynamics Program Themes

2018The Chemistry of the Ocean Microbiomes!
2017Ocean Ridges & Mantle Dynamics!
2016Ice-Ocean Interaction!
2015Dynamics of Continental and Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
2014The Anthropocene - From Land to the Ocean
2013EXPERIMENTS: Simulating the Earth In The Lab
2012GRAVITY: The Dominant Force in the Universe
2011RIVERS: The Cascading Limb of the Geologic Cycle
2010CRUST: Planetary, Continental and Oceanic
2009Climate Change: Forcing, Responses and Geo-engineering
2008Subduction - From Trench To Arc
2007Dynamics of Continental Margins
2005The Early Earth
2004Plumes vs. Plates
2003Catastrophic Events
2002Fluid Flow in the Earth
2001Plume Ridge Interactions
2000The Making and Breaking of Continents
1999Fluid Flow, Permeability, and Chemical Kinetics: From the Sediment-Water Interface to the Earth's Deep Interior
1998Tectonics and Global Change
1997The Geological and Biological Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere
1996Mantle Plumes and The New Global Geodynamic
1995Active Margins - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanic Hazards
1994Dynamics of Rifting and Breakup of Continents
1993Interaction of the Ocean with the Crust and Mantle