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List of Speakers

2002 Geodynamics Program
Each seminar features an invited speaker followed by a discussion moderated by a WHOI scientist. Moderators are encouraged to present synoptic material of their own relevant research. Clicking on "more info" will take you that speaker's website.

Date Speaker / Discussion leader Topic/Title
February 7 Andy Fisher / Meg Tivey Crustal scale hydrothermal flow more info >>
February 14 Peter Dodds / Peter Kelemen Geometry of river networks more info >>
February 21 John Wettlaufer / Karl Helfrich Dynamics of sea ice formation more info >>
February 28 Bruce Buffet / Jeff Seewald Formation and decomposition of gas hydrates more info >>
March 7 Peter Flemings / WenLu Zhu Focused flow in continental slope sediments more info >>
March 14 John Ferry / Wolfgang Bach Infiltration-driven contact metamorphism more info >>
March 21 Achim Kopf / Peter Clift Mud volcanoes more info >>
March 28 Spring Break/No class
April 4 Martin Hovland / Susan Humphris Gas seeps more info >>
April 11 Neil Humphrey / Matthew Jull Glacial hydrology: fluid in its own solid more info >>
April 18 Demian Saffer / Greg Hirth Fore-arc pore pressures, budgets & flow more info >>
April 25 Elizabeth Screaton / Rob Evans Fore-arc pore pressures and episodic flow more info >>
May 2 Gail Kineke / Peter Traykovski The role of fluid muds in coastal sediment transport more info >>
May 9 Bruce Marsh / Henry Dick Magma chamber madness more info >>
May 16 Marc Spiegelman / Mike Braun Channels in reactive porous flow more info >>
2nd half June Field trip to Scotland