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Past Programs

2022Ocean-based Climate Solutions
2020Biogeochemical Cycles: the Past, Present and Future Habitability of the Earth
2019North Atlantic Climate & Civilization
2018The Chemistry of the Ocean Microbiomes
2017Ocean Ridges & Mantle Dynamics
2016Ice-ocean Interaction
2015Dynamics of Continental and Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
2014The Anthropocene - From Land to the Ocean
2013Experiments Simulating the Earth in the Lab
2012Gravity - a Dominant Force in the Universe
2011Rivers - the Cascading Limb of the Geologic Cycle
2010Crust - Planetary, Continental and Oceanic
2009Climate Change - Forcing, Responses and Geo-engineering
2008Subduction - From Trench to Arc
2007Dynamics of Continental Margins
2005The Early Earth
2004Plumes Versus Plates and the Nature of Mantle Hotspots
2003Catastrophic Events
2002Fluid Flow in the Earth
2001Seminar: Plume Ridge Interactions
2000The Making and Breaking of Continents
1999Fluid Flow, Permeability, and Chemical Kinetics: From the Sediment-Water Interface to the Earth's Deep Interior
1998Tectonics and Global Change
1997The Geological and Biological Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere
1996Mantle Plumes and The New Global Geodynamic
1995Active Margins - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanic Hazards
1994Dynamics of Rifting and Breakup of Continents
1993Interaction of the Ocean with the Crust and Mantle