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A field trip to Iceland in Spring 2006 allowed us to view some of Iceland's ice caps and glacial geology, the exposed mid Atlantic Ridge and evidence of ice-volcano interactions. The itinerary
of our trip follows.

Meet at Logan Airport, Icelandair ticket counter @ 7:00 PM
Depart BOS 9:30 PM Icelandair flight

Estimated driving (km)
(80 km ≈ 50 mi)

Day 1 - WEDNESDAY May 31
Arrive Keflavík International Airport 6:30 AM (flight duration 5 hours)
Pick up 2 vans, 2 trailers (Budget)
Free day in Reykjavík
Night @ Laugardalur campground, Reykjavík
Dinner: on own in town
Day 2 - THURSDAY June 1
Late start due to trailer problems (2 hrs @ AVIS)
To þingvellir N.P., then north to Hvalfjörður fjord, stop at Skorradalsvatn
Night @ Sæberg Hostel (1 km. off Rte 1 in Hrútafjörður, west side of road)
Tel. 354-4510015 Fax. 354-4510034
Dinner: mexican-style chicken (Rachel, Trish, Chris)


Day 3 - FRIDAY June 2
To Lake Myvatn
Lunch stop in Akureyri, stop at Godafoss, stop at Skutustadir pseudocraters
Night @ Ferdathjonustan Bjarg campsite, Reykjahlid, on shore of Lake Myvatn
Tel. +354-464-4240 Fax. +354-464-4248
Dinner: salmon, fettucini alfredo (Henry and Hans)


Day 4 - SATURDAY June 3
Day in the Lake Myvatn, Krafla area
Night @ Ferdathjonustan Bjarg campsite, Reykjahlid
Dinner: chicken curry, lentils, veggies (Andrew, Matt, Chris)


Day 5 - SUNDAY June 4
South to Hofn
Lunch above river in Egilsstadir park (along road to Reydarfjodur?)
Drive through 5.9 km Faskrudsfjördur road tunnel (shortened trip by 35 km)
Night @ Hofn hostel (address: Hafnarbraut 8, in town)
Tel. 354-4781736 Fax. 354-4781965
(This is Sjómannadagurinn, a national holiday honoring seafarers)
Dinner: Tortellini (Casey, Sharon)


Day 6 - MONDAY June 5
Drive to Skaftafell N. P.
We broke into 2 groups for the day:
[south to Skaftafell, stops at Jökulsárlón, Kviarjokull] [north to Austurhorn to see magma mixing] Lunch at [Jökulsárlón] and [broke into cabin along the highway] Night @ N.P. campground and Bolti Farmhouse
Tel:++354 4781626 - Fax:++354 4782426
(This is Whit Monday, a bank holiday)
Dinner: marinated lamb, ratatouille (Hans and Henry)


Day 7 - TUESDAY June 6
Day in Skaftafell N. P., Svartifoss, Sel, other hikes
Night @ N.P. campground and Bolti Farmhouse
Dinner: sweet potato and black bean chili (Emily, Michael, Peter)


Day 8 - WEDNESDAY June 7
Drive southern Rim Road to Keflavík,
lunch at tourist stop near Vik, stop at Sólheimajökull (14 km dirt road)
Dinner: cookout hosted by friends of Matt Jackson, near Keflavík
Night @ Njardvik hostel, in industrial strip along highway, 4 km to KEF
Tel. 354-4218889 Fax. 354-4218887


Day 9 - THURSDAY June 8
Rekjanes Peninsula, lunch at Rekjanesta
Returning to Keflavík Airport; Return vans, trailers
Depart Keflavík 5:00 PM
Arrive BOS 6:35 PM (flight duration 5:35 hrs)


2006 Field Trip Guide (pdf)

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