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2008 Geodynamics Seminar

Subduction - From Trench To Arc

The spring 2008 Geodynamics Seminar Series will focus on Convergent Plate Boundary Systems.  Convergent plate boundaries are sites of lithospheric subduction and magmatic arc formation.  These systems host a a range of processes, including planetary-scale volatile and geochemical cycling, tectonics, seismicity, and volcanism.

Alison Shaw,, 508-289-3775
Daniel Lizarralde,, 508-289-2942
Andrew Daly,, 508-289-2852

Arenal Volcano
The Arenal Volcano is an active andesitic stratovolcano in north-western Costa Rica (10.5N, 84.7W). Once locally known as Cerro Arenal (i.e. Mount Arenal) it was presumed extinct until July 29, 1968 when an earthquake caused it to erupt, after approximately 400 years of dormancy. The last major eruption of Arenal occurred on August 23, 2000. Arenal rises 1657 meters above sea level and overlooks Lake Arenal; both are part of Arenal Volcano National Park. (photo by Dan Lizarralde, WHOI)
Poas Volcano
The Poas Volcano is in central Costa Rica. There are two crater lakes near its summit. Poas has erupted 39 times since 1828. The volcano is located within the Poas Volcano National Park. It is considered the largest active crater in the world, about 1 mile (1.6 km.) wide and 320 meters deep, with frequent geyser-like eruptions. (photo by Alison Shaw, WHOI)