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Study Tour

Penobscott Bay, Maine

Magma Mixing and Eruption Beneath a Paleozoic Island Arc in Penobscott Bay, Maine. Dr. Mike Rhodes, U. Mass Amherst will lead the field trip. We will be meeting in Camden Maine, where we will board and spend the night on a Windjammer on Sunday June 10th, setting sail into the bay the following morning to visit outcrops on a series of islands, anchoring in the evenings in various small bays. In the evenings, we will use either an overhead projector or a powerpoint projector for student and faculty talks run off the generator in the jolly boat. We will return to Camden Maine on Saturday morning June 16th. We will try to arrange for a bus or a van to transport people from WHOI to Camden and back. The cabins are mostly doubles on board the ship, and are quite small, so most time will be spent on deck or in the day room between stops.