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List of Speakers

2004 Geodynamics Program
Each seminar features an invited speaker followed by a discussion moderated by a WHOI scientist.

Date Speaker Topic/Title
Feb. 5 Dr. Chris Kincaid
School of Oceanography,
University of Rhode Island
The Life of Mantle Plumes
Feb. 12 Dr. Henry Dick & Jeff  Standish
A Plate Driven Pseudo-Hotspot on the SW Indian Ridge
Feb. 19 Dr. Seth Stein
Northwestern University
Where We Stand On Thermal Swells
Feb. 26 Dr. Dean Presnall
University of Texas
Low Temperature Origin of Volcanism at Oceanic Ridges and Associated Hot Spots
March 4 Dr. James Natland
Rosenstiel School of
Marine & Atmospheric Sciences
Fissure Control on pacific Volcanism Since 170 M.Y.
March 11 Dr. Shun-Ichiro Karato
Yale University
Mineral physics meets geochemistry: A new mineral physics-based model of material circulation in Earth's mantle
March 18 Dr. Don Anderson
The Plate Paradigm; the General Theory of Plate Tectonics
March 25 Spring Break
April 1 Dr. Richard Allen
University of Wisconsin
The Role of the Iceland Upwelling in North America Mantle Processes
April 8 Dr. Don Forsyth
Brown University
Constraints on the origin of non-hotspot, intraplate volcanic ridges and cross-grain gravity lineations in the Pacific
April 15 Jian Lin
Weakness in oceanic lithosphere and hotspot
April 22 Richard Ernst
Geological Survey of Canada
Large Igneous Provinces through time: implications for the
plume vs. plate debate
April 29 Stan Hart
Geochemical Insights into the Secret Life of Plumes
May 6 Dr. Gillian Foulger
University Of Durham, UK
There is no plume under Iceland or anywhere else.
May 13 Dr. Robert Duncan
Oregon State University
Hotspot Motion -- the Hawaiian-Emperor Chain Revisited.