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2013 Geodynamics Program

EXPERIMENTS: Simulating The Earth In The Lab

2013 Geodynamics Seminar Series
1:30 - 2:30 pm
Clark Lab 507, Quissett Campus, WHOI

If we can reproduce what we observe, we can understand it. That is the motivation behind experimentation in Science. Earth processes might take millions of years to occur, at scales where we cannot observe them, and in places that are completely inaccessible. Whether it applies to land, ocean, or deep Earth processes, experimentation has been used to reproduce the processes of a massive planet on a laboratory scale.

The theme for this geodynamics seminar series is an exploration of the wide array of research fields where analog experiments have made significant contributions to our understanding of major Earth processes. We have invited internationally recognized leaders in various fields of experimentation, who will be asked to pedagogically review the development and impact of analog experiments in their field, in addition to presenting their current research.

This Year's Organizers
Glenn Gaetani, G&G
Veronique Le Roux, G&G
Frieder Klein, MC&G
Andrew Daly, G&G