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May 22: Travel to Kona (group arrives ~2pm). Find
hostel (Pineapple Park). Shopping trip for food and incidentals and
airport pickup.

May 23: Drive to Mauna Kea. Stop at Pu’u Huluhulu. Look at glacial deposits, post-shied volcanism, and inflated flows.

May 24: Pick up keys to Kaupulehu flow property, look at xenolith beds, drive to Pu’u Wa’aWa’a trachyte flow.

May 25: Kealakekua Bay. South Point. Drive to Hilo.

May 26: Tour of Kilauea Caldera and explosive volcanism with Don Swanson. Active flows in the evening.

May 27: Active flows, Pu’u Loa petroglyphs, Kilauea Iki.

May 28: GPS and deformation with Peter Cervelli, more time in Park, Hilo tsunami museum.

May 29: Drive back to Kona, fly home.